midnight snack

snuck downstairs last night for a midnight snack (just a tiny one! swear!) and found this hiding among the cheese...
arnott's tim tams! (thanks to the leones family from sydney for sending them over!)

if you've never had a tim tam, you're totally missing out. these babies are just the right amount of biscuit and chocolate in one, not too sweet and not too rich, with a little a bit of crumble as you bite into it. i've loved them since i can remember, when dad would bring them home from his business trips to australia. or, like now, when we had relatives or friends from down under drop in. 

tim tams became readily available in the US at target a couple of years ago through pepperidge farm. nothing against pepperidge farm--i've enjoyed a milano every now and then--but i have it on good authority that, somehow, the target-bought tim tam just doesn't taste the same!

apparently, tim tams can also be found at cost plus world market. i don't visit cost plus too often, though i enjoy myself thoroughly when i do. the truth is, if i don't resist buying too many treats of the chocolate variety, i'll do nothing but eat them all day!


Koci said...

I love TimTams! I've only tried the Pepperidge Farm ones, though, so I'll have to do some research on finding some of these!

surviving suburbia said...

aren't they awesome? such a great way to have chocolate without feeling too guilty about it! :)

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