summer is for swimming, moonpools and caterpillars

the song "soon" by moonpools and caterpillars played on my ipod.

maybe it was the song, maybe it was the summer heat... i thought of my childhood, when summer meant swimming at alabang country club. i have fond memories of spending summer at the club, playing tennis or hanging out by the pool with my sisters, usually with some cousins or other friends in tow. of course, that meant cheeseburgers by the pool or chicken lollipops at the veranda, capped off with butterfly iced tea. good times!

with the parental impulse to create similar fun memories for raffy and ben (though of course, ben's too young to enjoy anything other than chug milk, sleep and poop!), bo and i decided it was time to set up the inflatable kiddie pool in our backyard.

bo gets a laugh out of spraying raffy with the garden hose
as he fills up the kiddie pool.

we spontaneously completed the effect by having a lunch of cheeseburgers, filipino-style (my mom's super yummy burger patty recipe, melty cheddar cheese, steamed rice rather than hamburger buns, and knorr seasoning sauce rather than catsup). sound weird to you non-filipinos? i'm sure! but don't knock it till you try it. trust me!

and to treat ourselves, bo and i busted out our latest wine find, blue fish 2009 sweet riesling. it was on bevmo's 5 cents wine sale, a real steal in my mind. during the summer, we're big fans of refreshing wines that go down easy and can go with almost any dish or stand by itself. this riesling fit the bill perfectly.


Jamie Isip-Cumpas said...

good times pat! you're such cool parents. hehe... cheeseburger making me hungry!!

surviving suburbia said...

thanks jamie! we're enjoying the kids while we can... when they become teenagers, they won't want anything to do with us anymore! hahaha!

how are lucia and sabine? they are such cuties! just like mommy right? hee!

A Mom From The Burbs said...

I think all dads get a kick out of doing that! By the way, I love your flowers in the background!

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