linguini with clam sauce

we had leftover white wine in the fridge (i wonder how that happened?), so i was surfing for an easy recipe that would put it to good use. i came across this article. it wasn't difficult to decide to try it. i heart linguine ai frutti di mare! so, linguini with just clams... well, it would be easier to prepare. also, who can claim to be a foodie in this day and age and not know bobby flay? he's a great chef and entertaining to watch. if i were half a good a cook as i wish i was, i'd love to be in a throwdown!

what i liked best about the recipe is that it came in two varieties, with red sauce or white. and, to add to the healthy factor, the white sauce was not cream-based. very cool.

my linguini with red clam sauce. 
the funny thing is it was a few weeks before i actually got around to trying this out, and by then the white wine had *mysteriously* disappeared! so i ended up opening another bottle of white wine after all. but this time, we finished it the very same evening!

cooking casualty!

this was my first time cooking two very similar recipes at the same time. as you can imagine, i'm not the most efficient cook... i left the garlic in one pot a wee bit too long and ended up with... well, burnt garlic! good thing this was at the very beginning of the process, so it wasn't a big deal to throw it out and start over.

and the results? not bad at all! i used a bit too much salt and oregano in the white version, and the red was a tad too hot. another first for me, cooking with crushed red pepper flakes... they usually just go on the pizza delivery! apparently, in cooking, a little goes a long way. also, i used a lightly sweet wine rather than a dry wine, but it still tasted yummy... so i'm not sure if it is much better with a dry white wine, which is what's recommended.

my linguini with white clam sauce.


Jamie Isip-Cumpas said...

looks yummy pat! Will look up this Bobby Flay recipe. I also try to cook whatever's in the ref or pantry that need to be disposed soon. haha!
Btw, do you know of any good recipes that uses truffle oil? I bought a bottle because i wanted to make these yummy mashed potatoes. Well a little goes a long way so i still have a lot. I heard that the truffle oil's shelf life is just 6 months so i have 5 more months to go...

surviving suburbia said...

hi jamie! oohh truffle oil... that's serious gourmet stuff right there! i've never used it because i know i'll end up with a ton of it leftover. :) but i'll email you some recipes i've heard are really good though.

lindsaymeyer said...

Oh gosh, I can't get enough of seafood and pasta... an irresistable combination!


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