about this blog

i hit thirty this year. the big three-oh. what a perfect age to get intro/retrospective and relive the dreams of my youth! i developed a passion for reading very early, which inevitably wired me to love writing. someday, i promised myself, i'll become a novelist or journalist of some kind... somehow... 

but life got in the way. fast forward about a decade and a half, and here i am plugging a professional services firm and producing project-specific technical proposals for a living. it still has to do with writing in some capacity, no doubt. as you can imagine, though, my work is just about as exciting as it sounds. (hint: it's NOT.)

i must generally enjoy it, otherwise i wouldn't keep doing it. i like what i do because i'm a nerd like that, and because, for the most part, i have a good time with the people i work with. but there are definitely those days... well, days when i'd rather stab both eyes with a fork and be forced to learn braille than manage yet another proposal request. after a while (i.e., YEARS), the long hours spent staring at the computer, converting technical jargon into layman's terms, editing for flow and conciseness, fiddling around with photoshop and indesign, still more editing... it can really begin to grate on you, if you know what i mean.

so what this is, this blog... i suppose it's really therapy, isn't it? a way for me to get away from thinking of writing as a chore and get back to the kind of creative writing that i so loved growing up. better still, it's a fun way for me to (re)connect with friends and family, especially those in far-off places. i miss everyone, but i am just horrible at keeping in touch!

this is a blog about our life in a steady little suburb of sacramento, california. it may be a far cry from the hectic world of urban southern california that we left behind, but we love it no less.


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