to-may-toe, to-mah-toh

i had no idea what these were when A brought them over to my desk at work today. purple what?

"purple cherokee tomatoes," A repeated. "you eat them just like regular tomatoes. only they have a smoky flavor."

right. smoky tomatoes? i can't even begin to imagine. i'll let you know what i think when i actually try them. for now, i'm just in awe looking at them. who knew there was such a thing as purple tomatoes? i certainly didn't.

i always feel so country-naive next to A. on top of her full-time day job (which, by all accounts, is tougher than mine), she's got a hundred head of cattle, a chicken coop, a vegetable garden, adopted feral cats and... well, shotguns! they are to keep coyotes away. or was it mountain lions? i think it was coyotes. maybe both!

i, on the other hand, have never seen a live coyote or grown any kind of vegetable. i grew up in the suburbs, moved to several cities, and ended up back in the suburbs. i never spent summers in the country... or maybe i did a few times, but i was too little to remember it now. i can count on one hand how many farms or ranches i remember going to, most of them through field trips and other similar pseudo-educational activities. 

on a positive note, i get genuinely excited about these "discoveries" A shares with me. maybe that's why she enjoys bringing me farm-fresh eggs that come in such cool natural pastel colors. "see? no need to paint them for easter!" she says with a smile. too right!

how A finds the time energy to lead this double life of city/suburb and country, i have no idea. i get worn out with just 2 kids and a husband!


FabMom said...

HI, I saw your post on Cafemom and thought I'd check your blog out. I'm sorry to see you're no longer a Cafemom member.

I write a blog called Fantastic Fabulous Mom. You can check it out at http://fantasticfabulousmom.blogspot.com.

Ela said...

purple tomatoes! that's a discovery for me too. thanks for sharing.

here's another discovery for you: am passing to you the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD...


Chef Dennis said...

don't you just love fresh food.....I can't believe some of the foods we have learned to find acceptable...I bet those eggs are magnificent! we have free range organics local but only brown....sigh....and those tomatoes....wow...our farmers market had russian and polish heirlooms this week...they still taste like tomatoes though..jersey tomatoes are phenomenal!

surviving suburbia said...

yes! love fresh food but i have to admit i like the convenience of mainstream grocery fare.

my neighbor goes to a fairly distant farmers market specifically for the eggs. with eggs, organic is definitely better! the shells are not quite so thin and they weigh more and the yolks are the right shade of deep amber... and they taste even better than they look! and i love the different colors they come in. so fun! :)

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