my latest contraption: a hand-blown glass wine decanter

i really thought i got suckered into buying this hand-blown glass decanter made by gallicchio glass. it was at our 4th stop wine tasting... by then my buzz was definitely on! but now, i don't regret spending on this at all. it really does what the wine consultant said it would do: (a) allows the wine to breathe as you pour, so you can enjoy it immediately, and (b) preserves the wine so that you don't need to finish the bottle in one go.

most importantly, it's uber fun to use. i so feel like a mad scientist when i pour! (evil cackle)

first, you pour into the decanter. the wine cascades very prettily down all sides of the sphere. too bad it doesn't show too well in this photo taken with my phone's camera.
then, you twist to pour the wine out into your glass. voila! without wasting another second, go ahead and inhale, sip and drink up! enjoy!


GG said...

That's the funkiest thing I've ever seen!

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