i highly recommend the mexican sangria with el charro blanco!
in the background: you can't go wrong with tecate on tap.

last saturday, we had a family dinner on the outdoor patio at tres agaves. bo's order of combination soft tacos rocked... on the spicy side, which was great for the 90+ degree summer evening. we ordered raffy chicken soft tacos off the kids' menu, but he wasn't interested in them, having previously stuffed himself with tortilla chips. baby ben slept through the whole thing, which i wondered at, since i would never have been able to sleep in that kind of heat.

meanwhile, i was pretending to be healthy and ordered a seared ahi salad with tequila dressing. bad move. the sangria was already infused with tequila, and we were just about finished with the jug when our meals were served. so, i was pretty over the whole tequila flavor by the time the salad arrived. 

i really should have known better. it's not the first time i've had to remind myself (in a wide variety of circumstances, as i'm sure you can imagine) that there IS such a thing as too much tequila!
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