old sugar mill

i love, love, LOVE the old sugar mill. it's so convenient, so unpretentious... our favorite go-to when anyone comes to visit. we're not connoisseurs and we don't really want to be. we just have a darn good time appreciating the wine, the people, the history and the architecture... and we always come home happy, with a set of bottles to keep the bar stocked for the next few months.

so when reg, my cousin from Down Under who is interning in SFO this summer, came over for the july 4th weekend, we picked him up from the train station and arrived at the mill early, just as it was opening. the next couple of hours we spent enjoying wine flights and shooting the breeze with the wine tasting hosts. meeting bill from solomon wine was a treat. we had a great time listening to his random anecdotes.

although i haven't yet found anything in clarksburg that i love as much as napa's gamay rouge or trader joe's zeller schwartz katz, i would say the viognier comes close.


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