the beast's first battle scar

can you see it? i dinged the truck, right at the corner, midway up the bumper. and if you stare long enough, you'll notice the bumper's slightly turned in on the driver's side. this truck is less than 4 months old. crap!

it happened at the parking lot of my kid's preschool. apparently, the lamppost has a base that's wider than the actual post. yeah. did not see that from the driver's seat vantage point. grrr.


Kristen said...

I cried the first time my suburban got scratched. It was less than three weeks old. My son was riding his bike too close to it and the handlebars left a good long mark down the side.

surviving suburbia said...

ouch! doesn't it just gut you?? if it makes you feel any better, i think my dad takes the record... he got a scratch on his own car the day he brought it home from the dealer! major ouch!
thanks for dropping by kristen!

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